Scope of Service

Email or phone (507) 398-7730 to set up a meeting where we can list specifications and discuss a project design.

I will then provide you with an estimate of expected fee & turn around time for construction plans. At this point I'll need $50 good faith money to start your plans.

Next a site visit is in order to take pictures, measurements and notes for existing conditions.

I will then design preliminary construction plans. This set of documents, often called blue prints, contain all the necessary information for you to acquire a permit from your city or municipality when completed.

Then we'll meet to review preliminary drawings, note any changes (one-half of total is due at this time).

Upon project completion, plans are delivered (balance is due).

Plans are drawn on AutoCAD software and printed on hp printer. Typically 24x36 and 8½ x 11 or 11 x 17 are available. Plan packages include sets of (¼" scale) drawing plans & reduced sets of plans. Many municipal building departments require a reduced set for their files. If wanted, a CD for and additional fee, would include all pages in a standard file format, both sizes, which can be used by any large format printing service to make extra copies.